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The contract is binding

Registration with the awarding body will be made once payment has been made to CTD Quickstep. CTD Quickstep will register the candidate for assessment against the qualification applied for. This Licence lasts for 18 months from the enrolment date. This is non-transferable. If the award is not completed within this timescale, the candidate will have to re-register at the full cost to the current qualification at that time.

Contract Cancellation
There is a 14 day cancellation period starting from the date that we receive the candidates’ payment. Cancellation must be made in writing and received in the head office within 14 working days via email or post. If the candidate cancels in the 14 day cancellation period, the fee paid by the candidate will be refunded minus the registration fee paid to the awarding body.

On site Assessment
The assessment procedure for the MCAS route is 1 on site assessment by your assessor, a professional discussion along with photographic evidence provided by yourself which has to be verified by an expert witness, your expert witness must meet the tests of validity, reliability, authenticity and sufficiency.
Expert witnesses will need to demonstrate:
They have relevant current knowledge of industry working practices and techniques,
That they have no conflict of interest in the outcome of their evidence.
Planning of the site visit is essential so that the maximum amount of evidence can be generated on these visits. If the site visit is cancelled by the candidate with less than 3 working days’ notice, or not attended by the candidate, additional fees will be incurred.
It is the candidate's responsibility to provide sufficient evidence to meet the assessment requirements of the award. Reasonable access to you on your work site is needed by the assessor.

Payment Terms
Interest free payment plans are offered at the discretion of CTD Quickstep. If at any time the candidate fails to provide payment at the appropriate time then the assessment process will be stopped and the evidence on the system retained by CTD Quickstep until further payment is made. If payment is not resumed within 12 months then the contract will be terminated and no refunds will be provided. Candidates will not be provided with certification until final payments are made. If candidates choose to leave the assessment scheme at any time no refunds will be provided. A receipt will be issued when payment has been made in full.